Bear Tooth Collection

In many Provinces and States the collection of a bear tooth from all animals harvested is mandatory.

The collection of teeth from hunters, road kills... is a very important part of the bear monitoring program.

This will allow biologists to better monitor populations evaluate the impacts of bear harvest and make proper management decisions.

Also, by recording age/sex/sight biologist can accurately evaluate bear population in the province/state.

Ex: At this time the Black Bear population in New-Brunswick is estimated at 16000.

How to remove a premolar;

  • With a knife cut down both side of the small tooth (Premolar) located immediately behind the large canine tooth.

  • Gently pry tooth sideways.

  • Pull out the loosened tooth with pliers. ( Note: It is better if the tooth is not scraped clean)

  • Place the sample in the envelope provided and fill information. (Do not package in plastic, which prevents complete drying)


Some hunters will stick a piece of wood in the mouth after harvesting their bear, the jaw will become real stiff after an hour or more. This will ease up the process of removing the tooth and will give you more space to access the premolar.


The age can be determined by using a microscope to count the numbers of rings (cementum layers) similar of a cross section of a tree, each layer represents one year.

The Black Bear teeth samples are send to expert who uses the latest technology to establish aging accuracy.

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