Bow hunting black bear can be a thrill of a lifetime.

Bow hunting black bear can be a thrill of a lifetime.

The same equipment you use for whitetail will work for black bears. However you must make sure your broadheads are razor sharp. You must past through thick hair, possibly inches of fat, then into the body cavity before you reach the vitals.

I recommend you pull as much poundage as you can comfortably and shoot accurately. Even though you will probably be shooting only 20 yards or under, practice practice practice, including sitting down. The reason for practicing sitting is because a bear will appear out of nowhere taking you by surprise, probably being real close. If you move to stand and make the slightest of noise the bear could be gone before you blink.

Bows and Broadhead

When you Bow Hunting Black Bear, bows with 50 pounds of pull or more will do the job with proper shot placement. With lower poundage bows I recommend broadside shots, because it is the quickest way to the vitals.

Fixed or mechanical broadheads will do the job. Just make sure which ever you choose, they are well made and razor sharp. I think mechanicals that open forward instead of backwards are a better choice of mechanical broadheads.( Check with your outfitter if he or the State or Province, allows mechanical broadheads.)


Quiet clothing is a must. So make sure whatever clothing you wear makes as little noise as possible. With a bow you must first put up the bow and than draw the string across you body. With this much movement there's a good chance for noise. This is why quiet clothing is necessary. You also want to make sure you arrow does not make noise coming back over your rest.

Scent Elimination

Scent eliminating spray on all your clothes and shoes is a must. Even if they are scent eliminating clothes, because you can still get odours on the outside of them. I don't like to use cover up scents, because if it is a strange scent to the bear the gig is up.


I also recommend a sight with the new fiber optic rapped sights. These sights will gather and hold light till the sun goes down. Bears often come in when light is just about gone, and a bright sight is a must when trying to pick a spot on a black bear with darkness setting in.


The most important advise I can give when Bow Hunting Black Bear and the moment of truth comes is control your emotions the best you can. Draw slowly, settle your pin midway up body (because there could be several inches of hair below it's actual body) tight behind it's leg and release the arrow.


Then plan on where you will put your trophy when it comes back from the taxidermist.

Ron Koch

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